Submit your completed application along with a copy of your OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT postmarked no later than May 31, 2016.

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Personal Lines of Credit

A GMEFCU line of credit provides a ready source of funds anytime you need them.  Once your line of credit is approved you can use it for anything you would like - the sky is the limit!

Your rate is dependent on your credit score.  Go to our website to complete the online loan application in the services section.

Great Car Rates

New Cars
2.9% Up To 60 mos
4.9% For 72 mos ($20,000.00 or more)
5.9% For 84 mos. ($30,000.00 or more)

Used Cars

3.9% Up To 48 mos ($15,000.00 or more)
3.9% For 60 mos ($20,000.00 or more)
5.9% For 72 mos ($25,000.00 or more)

New Money Only!


Holiday Information 

Your daily ATM limit for cash withdrawals is $300.00.  Your daily limit for debit card purchases is $900.00.  Use your PIN at the ATM for cash.  For purchases, swipe your card, press credit and sign.  As the holiday season approaches, you might need to increase those limits.  Please call us if you need to increase the limits.

If you are travelling outside of the Unites States and plan to use your debit/ATM card, let us know so we can program your card to work overseas.  If you would like foreign currency when you travel, call us and we will order it for you.


January 1 - New Years Day - Closed