Great Car Rates

New Cars
2.9% Up To 60 mos
4.9% For 72 mos ($20,000.00 or more)

Used Cars

2.9% Up To 60 mos
60 mos Used is for $15,000.00 or more

New Money Only!


 1099 Forms

 Tax time is right around the corner!

Your 1099 forms will be mailed out by January 31, 2014. You will receive a tax form ONLY if your accounts earn a combined total of $10.00 or more in interest.

Have your State and Federal refund sent to your Credit Union account. Your transit and routing number and account number can be found on the bottom line of your checks for deposit to your checking account. For those with savings accounts, call the office and we will provide the numbers for you. As a reminder, the State of Connecticut is sending out debit cards instead of refund checks for those people who do not provide direct deposit information.